Welcome to Meet Your Makers, this site was created as part of Sheffield’s Year Of Making and designed to showcase a collection of music which brings together a diverse range of the city’s creative communities. A small cross section¬†from Sheffield’s pool of musicians, artists and creators all put together under one roof, some of them taking on roles they are not traditionally known for.

The idea of this site is to exist as a companion to the music that will be available for anyone to download for free. From that point onwards they can find out more about the contributors through this site (as well as accompanying pieces on social media) and explore the work they create in and around the city and of course beyond.

After the release of the EP the individual track parts (“stems”) will be available on request to producers and musicians in Sheffield who wish to remix or reinterpret the tracks in any way they wish. The only proviso being that the track is not sold for profit and they tag it with the #YOM2016 hashttag so it can be associated with the project easily.